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What is your purpose? In this hour long session, we will explore your dreams & draft a plan for how to achieve them.


Through my experience as a self-published author, business professional (both in a teaching and law firm setting), and list-creating extraordinaire, I will guide & assist you in realizing your personal legend.


This session is highly customizable. I can be a sounding board for you to figure out what your dreams even are, a support system to start taking that next step toward realizing your dreams, or that encourager to aid you forward on your path. (And if you don't know what you want from this session,  but you know you want something - don't worry. I can help you figure that out, too.) <3

Dream to Reality Session

  • If you are unsure whether a Dream to Reality Session is right for you, please schedule a free introductory call to better assess your desires and our fit.

    This service is also offered on a sliding-scale payment option, or via energetic exchange. Please contact me via the home page contact form to inquire further.

  • Please refer to the Payment & Returns link at the bottom of this page to learn more.



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