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Working with Sahara Rose's A Yogic Path deck and/or Caitlin McGarry's Wild Unknown deck, this intuitive, open-hearted session will deliver soulful messages to help you tap into your inner wisdom and walk your path with clarity.


Our session will run around 30-45 minutes, including a grounding exercise, card pull, and intuitive post-pull processing. After our session is over, I will send you a personalized email with pictures of your cards, their meanings, and takeaways from our session.


Our session can take place virtually over Zoom or Facetime, or if you are in Southern California, can take place in person (note: during COVID-19, the session will occur outdoors or with a mask indoors).

Card Reading

  • If you are unsure whether an Inner Wisdom Card Pulling Session is right for you, please schedule a free introductory call to better assess your desires and our fit, or contact me via my contact form on the home page.

    This service is also offered on a sliding-scale payment option, or via energetic exchange. Please contact me via the home page contact form to inquire further.

  • Please refer to the Payment & Returns link at the bottom of this page to learn more.



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