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instagrams i love (& why it matters)

About 2 years ago, I made a very conscious choice to cultivate my Instagram feed to include only two categories of people: (1) people I consider friends/close acquaintances - defined as someone I would actually have a conversation with if I saw them in person - and (2) people who would positively influence my spiritual journey, mental/emotional health, physical wellbeing, and/or educate me.

I unfollowed a lot of people. For example, people I went to high school with but would probably avoid talking to if I saw them today. I am still friends with all those folks on Facebook; if for some random reason it became necessary to talk with them, or just to satisfy my curiosity, I could always find them there. But why follow their day-to-day lives on IG? It just felt ... pointless. I wanted Instagram, my favorite social media app, to feel like a more relevant and kinder space.

I also unfollowed social media influencers en masse. And this was BIG, because I think following influencers is a cultural norm at this point. Post IG Purge, I don't follow any influencers outside of those who focus on my four targeted categories above ^. (One exception: the Hadid sisters. Bella Hadid, because she's a Palestinian activist queen, and Gigi Hadid, because she's half-Pali like me and she's having Zayn's baby and he's half-Pakistani like my boyfriend so for research purposes I need to know what their kid looks like.) The rest of the influencers, it's not like I blocked them. I can always go look at their accounts if I want to. But to not be bombarded on my feed every day by perfect-looking, Photoshopped queens has had a d r a s t i c impact on my self-esteem. I can literally feel my self-confidence with my physical looks being at a much better place now than it was 2 years ago, even though I've looked the same since I was like 16.

If you're interested, I cannnnnooot recommend an IG purge enough. You can start small; drop a few random influencers, and see how that feels. I found that clearing virtual space also led me to a lot of vibrant accounts that have contributed greatly to my growth over the years. For those of us who have recently watched The Social Dilemma on Netflix and are wondering what to do next, a purge and/or setting a time limit on your social media (a feature available in Settings on iPhones) can be a great way to start.

If you are interested in cultivating a more wholesome feed, here are some of my favorite accounts to follow. As always, exercise your intuition to ensure you follow accounts that feel good to you. Sit with them for a second and breathe. Are they taking away or adding to your energy? If we can get conscious about the micro decisions, we then become more conscious in our big ones. <3

Relationship Advice Accounts

*note: I strongly recommend following these three accounts regardless of your background/interests*




Self-Growth/Healing Accounts

@werenotreallystrangers - thought-provoking questions & community building

@wisdomofanxiety - deconstructing anxious thoughts

@the.holistic.psychologist - conscious healing

@dr.rosalesmeza - decolonized wellness

Social Justice/Education Accounts

@theguerrillafeminist - radical feminism, anti-capitalism, intersectional ideas curator

@kenziebrenna - body positive activism & deconstructing fatphobia

@zachbushmd - triple board certified physician w/ revolutionary ideas on health

@rachel.cargle - education on anti-Black racism

@ndn.o - education on indigenous American struggles/ activism

@palestinianyouthmovement - good starting place for all things Palestine

Inspiring/Creative/Spiritual Accounts

@nakedpastor - if you are experiencing de-conversion from Christianity/ are looking for a liberal interpretation of Christianity

@heroinejournal & @risingwoman - powerful quotes/art depicting womxn in all their raw glory

@witchdoctorpoet - dreamwork as radical resistance & tweets that convict and inspire

@yung_pueblo - spiritual, healing poetry/word meditations

@alexisrakun & @cosmiccollage - for visual medicine (digital art)

@theancientgemstone - visual medicine + powerful quotes

@aldousmassie - spiritual comics/animations

@waterofwhimsy - the cutest drawings/explanations of witchy archetypes

@thebrookesolis - fiery feminine poetry

@lalahdelia - poignant book excerpts/spiritual musings

Spiritual Thought Leaders & Small Businesses

@prestonsmiles - Black man, father, and powerful life coach who will shake you to your core with his truth bombs

@iamsahararose - Indian/Persian spiritual businesswoman and queen

@activationvibration - ideal for the most woo woo of you!

@sallymustang - for musings on sensuality, womanhood, and motherhood (at times controversial so really monitor how her account makes you feel)

@alliemichellel - for spoken word and rad retreats

@honest.rituals - for holistic beauty rituals/facial massage (demos them on her IG stories)

@danielariojas - to shop flutes and indigenous medicines

@thewomanwhomarriedabear & @mythicmedicine - for herbal remedies & wisdom

(If you're loving these accounts, feel free to creep who I follow on my IG and find more!)

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