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Rocks in Desert

where spirituality, connection, and ideas meet.

  • Who are you?
    I am Yasmeen, a 26-year old, half-Palestinian, half-White (English/German), woman. Yasmeen is the Arabic word for "jasmine flower." Jasmine flowers bloom at night. When I was 22 I spent a summer in the West Bank, where I smelled the jasmine flowers I was named for & cried. I was raised by the suburbs and stables of the Midwest and refined by the humidity of the South before landing in southern California in my tiny dream home by the beach with my cat, Anubis (nicknamed Cheeku) on Tongva lands. I am a law student by day and an all the time dreamer. I am an avid reader & because of that, I am a writer. I stand for social justice & equity and love working with youth. I am a believer, a lover, a passion-fire. Importantly, I am a former public school teacher and professional tutor - and I leverage the skills I gained from those experiences to ensure you have fulfilling, successful sessions with me. I am a Leo sun (Cancer/Leo cusp), Aquarius moon, and Libra rising. I am a Mental Projector with a 5/1 profile, single definition and left angle cross of distraction. I am an ENFJ and Type Three Enneagram. I am spirit embodied, dancing the tightrope of being spirit and body. Aren't we all? <3
  • What are your offerings?
    I currently offer: Wisdom card readings Dream to Reality sessions Creative Writing sessions Mindful Tutoring sessions for ages 8-18 (or as requested) A poetry book Free offerings: Blog posts full of ideas & recommendations! Coming soon: A fantasy novel Reiki
  • What is your pricing?
    Healing & creative spaces suffer from capitalism. Spiritual medicine was never meant to be owned and guarded by those with access to monetary resources. But money is the energetic exchange our society has chosen to recognize. I am mindful of this balancing act. Therefore, my services are offered on a sliding-scale, also known as pay what you can, basis. I will provide a price, but it is merely a suggestion - I accept payment higher or lower. Additionally, you can receive my offerings via an "offering exchange." If you have a talent you'd like to share, whether it be art, tea ceremonies, a book, graphic design services, or anything else, I would love to trade energies that way. My books are offered at one standard price, but if you wish to read one and cannot afford it, please let me know - I will make it happen.
  • What is your favorite book?
    I reserve the right to update this section frequently ... Fantasy: The Inheritance Cycle Non-fiction/ Psychology: Women Who Run with the Wolves Memoir: Untamed (just read this one and loved) Please contact me for suggestions on poetry, self-help books, fantasy, fiction ... and give me your suggestions too! I could have this conversation all day :)
  • What is your favorite podcast?
    Definitely Medicine Stories.
  • Are you interested in collaborating?
    Absolutely! I would love to collab on your creative projects (podcasts, photography/modeling projects, spiritual gatherings, etc.). More generally, I would love to engage in conscious, meaningful conversation with you & support your creative ventures; please contact me via the homa page and let's see how we can support each other!
  • What happens if I submit my email in the subscribe box below?
    Submitting your email means you will receive a newsletter one time per every two months. I believe that quality is important, and too much quantity sacrifices that (for me); therefore, I am committed to only sending meaningful, bimonthly newsletters. If there is a very special community event coming up, I may send you notice about that, too.
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